Essay Development

I organised my essay by using the XMind mind mapping tool. It is a very handy tool to clarify your thinking process. By visualising your mental model, you can easily ensure that you did not forget anything. Furthermore, your mental process will make greater sense.

Xmind mapping tool

The topic of my essay is Narcissism and Social Media Marketing.With the evolution of the internet social networks, many new phenomenons appeared. The perfect example of these new trends is narcissism in the social networks.

Firstly, my essay will aim to describe the problem of narcissism in general and will introduce two points of view of narcissism: the positive and the harmful narcissism. Secondly, the essay will target the problem of narcissism and social networks. It will introduce some examples of how the social networks support narcissism. Finally, it will focus on how companies deal with narcissism when they create their social networking campaign. Further, it will also describe the trends in marketing today and how narcissistic users and customers can be useful for the company.  In conclusion, it will summarise all the aspects and decide if the social networking sites support narcissism and if we can use the narcissism to promote a company.

Essay mind map

To develop my essay, I will use the following books and journal articles:


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