Social Media and Motivation: Survey results

From my previous post you know that I did an on-line survey about  social media.  I created an on-line questionnaire using the Survey Monkey tool. My questionnaire had 5 questions that helped to find out more about people’s motivation to use social media. I shared my survey link on my blog and also on my Facebook timeline. (How easy it was!) Finally, I get 22 participants. Here are the results of my survey:

Q1. Which social media do you use?

The respondents answered that they mostly use Facebook. The following chart shows all the answers:

Which social media do you use

Q2. Why did you choose this social media?

The main reason why people started to use social networking site is that many of their friends were using it and they recommend them to start using it too. Also, they are using social media because it makes communicating with friends easy.

Q3. What are the pros of using social media?

The biggest advantage of social media is that you can communicate not only with close friends, but also with those who you do not have the opportunity to see very often. The other advantages are sharing information and photos,saving time, socializing and getting inspiration. The fact that social networking sites are widely spread tools and everyone is on it is also important. Social networking sites are also useful in sharing the news from school.

Q4. What are the cons of using social media?

The main disadvantages of  using the social media are addiction to technology, stalking. wasting of time, losing sense of privacy, data theft, cyber bullying, alienation, spam, procrastination etc. Another huge disadvantage of the growing dependency  of social networking sites is that the quantity of friends  has become more important than the quality of friends.

Q5. Can you live without social media?

Personally, I found this question very interesting because the responses were very even throughout the survey. 50% answered that life without social media is possible and 50% can’t imagine themselves without this tool.

Can you live without social media


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