Griffith University’s database

The task for the third tutorial was also to familiarise myself with Griffith University’s databases. Here are the results of my research:

1. Stephen Stockwell writes about politics and the media, particularly in Australia. What database would you use to find his first academic article about Brisbane in a national journal? What year? Provide a full citation.

To find Stockwell’s  first academic article about Brisbane I used the Griffith University’s database. The article is  from 1995 and it is called: “The Brisbane Model: Considering A Unique Experiment”.

Stockwell, S. (1995). The Brisbane Model: Considering A Unique Experiment. Urban Policy and Research,13(2), 89-96. Retrieved from:

2. What is the latest medical thinking about internet addiction? What database did you use? Full citation.

This article “Doctors debate internet addiction should webaholics seek medical help?” was found using the Griffith University’s database.

“It quoted a University of Pittsburgh researcher who studied 400 habitual surfers and recently opened a Centre for On-line Addiction as saying IAD is as real as alcoholism.”

“The social problems parallel those of other established addictions,” researcher Kimberly Young said. “Loss of control, cravings and withdrawal symptoms, social isolation, marital discord, academic failure, excessive financial debt, job termination — these are just some of the consequences documented in my research.”

Gadd, J. (1996, Jun 15). Doctors debate internet addiction should webaholics seek medical help? The Globe and Mail. Retrieved from

3. What are IT engineers thinking about surveillance cameras? Identify a theme you could write an essay about and cite three papers that would be useful.

I would write an essay about using surveillance cameras by the court. I find this theme interesting. There are some countries where using surveillance cameras is a daily routine. Britain can be a good example. “The average Londoner is now photographed some 300 times in the course of a typical day.” On the other hand, in some countries using surveillance cameras is still controversial issue. Here are three articles that can be useful. Each of them shows the issue from different perspective.

Keep surveillance cameras on watch. (2011, May 10). Winnipeg Free Press. Retrieved from

Doug Schmidt, S.,Police Reporter. (2003, Jan 29). Appeals court rejects use of spy cameras. The Windsor Star. Retrieved from

Tanner, A. (2003, Mar 12). Surveillance cameras go to court. The Province. Retrieved from


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