Using Instagram? Download Statigram!

We were given a task to find an application that helps you analyse some aspects of the web more effectively. Personally, I use Instagram very often, so I thought about an analytical tool that can monitor an Instagram account. And I found Statigram!

statigram logo

There are a few of bookmarks in Statigram application. The first one is Viewer where you can see your photos and also photos of your followers. You can like them (everyone knows the heart icon) or comment on them.  The Print bookmark that allows the immediate print of your photos is a new feature.

The bookmark Statistics allows you to see a lot of useful information and trends about your account. How often do you upload photos? How many people are viewing your account? Who likes your photos the most? Whose photos do you like the most? With Statigram, you can get Love Rate (number of likes) or Talk Rate (number of comments).

Thanks to the Manage bookmark, you can edit your photos and read your personal messages. The Promote bookmark allows you to promote your account more easily (What a surprise). You can share your photos on your Facebook account and enjoy other benefits that come from the cooperation with Facebook.

Statigram also allows the Instagram feed to appear on the web. You can not only access your account from your smartphone app, but with Statigram you can also display your Instagram photos or a hashtag feed on your wordpress blog!

More information

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