Power of New Communication Technologies

New communication technologies are parts of our lives and make our lives easier (sometimes too easy). We can’t simply avoid them. Personally, I use a lot of technologies, especially to communicate with my friends and family, but I’m not a “trend follower” (Yeah, I don’t have an iPhone and I’m still alive). As an exchange student thousands of kilometers from home, I really appreciate inventions such as Skype . Thanks to Skype I can be close to them all the time. I can share all my “Aussie adventures” with them.  What’s more, I can see them too (How cool! Isn’t it?).

I think new communication technologies are also powerful tools in spreading ideas to the public.  It is very interesting how we can use them in PR, marketing, advertising etc. (You know, I am a PR student…). How they can do it? The idea is simple. Look at the most famous technologies, applications and social networks. They’re all free. (Technically.) In fact, you pay them by selling your privacy.

Last year, I  made a study among students in the Czech Republic called: “The impact of internet social networks on public opinion and their meaning for marketing communication.” The results were very interesting. Students usually find they are very comfortable following a company on its social network. What is very important, they want to have an opportunity to choose which information they will get.They don’t want to have a feeling that they are influenced by someone (Even if they maybe are). On the other hand, they see social networks as a more reliable source of information about the product than advertising is.

We shouldn’t ignore new communication technologies. We should learn how to use them wisely.


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