First class

First lecture of New Communication Technologies was enjoyable and funny. We’ve been discussing communication in general. Also, we pointed out the difference between old ( oral, graphic, written, printing and electro-mechanical) and new communication technologies (computers, internet, iPhones etc.). There have been many major changes in communication over the past several years. So, which new communication technologies do we use in our daily life? Here I would like to mention social media as the most important tool for most of us. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. anyone can communicate with huge numbers of people.

Moreover, blogs become important and influential sources of opinion. Brands and marketers often collaborate with key bloggers to influence consumers.

As I found this issue very interesting here is a video about the rapid development of the social media.

The Social Media Revolution


Referencing: TheTotalprofit. (2012). The Social Media Revolution 2013. Retrieved from


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